B.Ed & M.Ed Course with facilities in Pragya College of Education



 ‘A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.

About College

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B.Ed Course

A Bachelor degree in education better known as B.Ed can be your first step towards entering one of the most respected fields of education. It is rightly said the youth is the future of the nation and one person who moulds these youths in good human being is an educationist. Thus an educationist is the one who develops the future of the nation and to become one of them you need to get professional qualification. A B.Ed degree is one of such qualifications that enables you to join as a teacher in schools. You can also contribute and build a healthy academic system for the nation to grow.

Maybe a common question strikes in your head which asks you how this course is going to help you in your job career. Here our few of the many reasons why you should opt for a Bachelors in Education degree–

  1. A real-life classroom exposure-

While perusing B.ed degree, pupil teachers are given the opportunity to walk into a school and teach in a real classroom environment which gives them the experience of teaching students much before completing their degree. This increases their confidence and also gives them the essence of their job profile in the future.

  1. Learning various teaching methods.

 Many of us have a vast knowledge of various fields but imparting that knowledge to others in not everybody’s piece of cake. This requires proper training and teaching techniques and with this training you learn the skill of passing on your knowledge to others. Under a B.ed course this is what you become proficient in, ‘The Technique of Teaching’.

In a B.Ed course you learn various teaching methods and techniques which help you develop yourself into a good teacher. And so, in this course the pupil teachers are taught the best techniques to grab student’s attention so that they make efforts to gain knowledge that the teachers impart.


  1. Managing School Affairs.

 Pursuing a B.Ed course not only imparts you with the teaching skills but also with the skills of working in the administrative aspect in an education system. This skill and knowledge will help you grow at a later stage in your teaching career when administrative jobs are given to the experienced teachers.

B.Ed highlighted on enabling student teachers to reflect critically on the perspective of education and integrated holistically the theory and practices to facilitate active engagement of learners for knowledge creation.

Some of the other objectives of the programme are-

  • Developing an understanding of context of education in contemporary Indian society.
  • Creating sensitivity about language diversity in the classroom and its role in teaching – learning process.
  • Providing first and experience of all the school activities through engaging student-teachers
  • Systematising experiences and strengthening the professional competencies of student teachers.
  • Enabling student-teachers to acquire necessary competencies for organising experiences
  • To become competent and committed professionals willing to perform the identified tasks

    About the course


    Course Level- Bachelor Degree

    B.ed- Bachelor of Education

    Duration- 2 years

    Seats- 200


    Eligibility Conditions for admission to B.Ed Course.

    Candidates with at least 50% of marks either in the bachelor degree or in the master’s degree of any UGC recognised University or any other qualification recognised as equivalent thereto are eligible for admission to the B.Ed programme.

    Admission Procedure– The selection of the candidate will be made on the basis of merit.

    Career– PGT teacher, TGT teacher, education researcher, councillor, principals of school.

    Through this course students gain insight into the teaching work, through rigorous coursework designed to have these qualities.

    Students undergo various assignments, individual projects, workshops, seminars, and internships as a part of their course work.

    This program is very high demand and teaches a practical skill through internship that is based on sustainable development in terms of economical, environmental and social aspects.

    Basically this program is preferably suitable for those who are willing to pursue their career in teaching.

    B.ed makes you more effective, skilled and widening the knowledge of the subject area.

    .B.Ed is the bachelor’s degree undertaken to take up teaching as a profession. Although B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is not an undergraduate degree and to pursue this course one needs to have completed his/her graduation or post graduation.Thus, B.Ed is a professional course and right after completing this course, students can get a job at the school level.

    Graduates from any stream can join this course while students from art stream are trained to teach subject history, civics, geography and language. The students from science stream are trained to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.  

    Among the leading B.Ed colleges in haryana comes the name of Pragya College of Education.

    Pragya College of Education is approved by NCTE, Jaipur & affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak (Haryana). It is a Jain Minority Institution and also accredited by NAAC. (National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) is a statutory body which regulates courses of teaching in India.)

    Fees structure

    Fee Structure ( Per Year)

    1. Self-Financing College of Education  –   44,000/-

      Note: – In addition to the above fee, other annual charges as prescribed by the MD University are given below:


      Name of the Head



      Development Fund 

      Rs. 2000/-


        Regn/Enrolment Fee   

       Rs. 1000/-


       Examination Fees

       Rs. 600/-


        Dr. R.K. Foundation Fee 

        Rs. 70/-


       University Sports Fee

       Rs. 200/-  (Rs. 150/- to be remitted to the University)


        Youth Welfare Fee

        Rs. 50/-   Rs. 30/- to be remitted to the University


        Holiday Home Fee

       Rs.  10/-


        N.S.S. Fee

        Rs. 50/-    Rs. 5/- to be remitted to the University


         Curriculum Charges

        Rs. 50/-


       University Magazine fee

       Rs.   50/-


       Youth Red Cross Fund

       Rs.   60/- Rs. 30 to be remitted to the Uni.




              Fees  –  44000 + 4090  =  48090/- Per Year

      M.Ed Course

      As A P J Abdul Kalam said, teaching is a very noble profession that sharpens the character and future of an individual. Every one represents a teacher as a guru. It means it takes some efforts to be the one. To be a guru first you need to have enough knowledge about almost everything and what a one course gives you more opportunities than just a teacher that will be great isn’t and that one course is master of education or you can say M.Ed

      M.Ed is a postgraduate course which deals with methodology of educational research and experimentation of new techniques of teaching. This course particularly introduces you to a new level of teaching processes. The M.Ed programme aims to create educators of tomorrow with our industry-relevant curriculum and acclaimed faculty. Individuals can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the education domain. It is aimed at developing a global and a national vision for education in the modern concept being a professional programme. This programme focuses on the comprehensive and integrated professional development of teachers and other personnel engaged in education.

      Some of the areas of specialisation under this course are as follows:

      • Educational Technology
      • Rural Education
      • Teacher education
      • Women’s education
      • Yoga education
      • Guidance and counselling
      • Languages education

      Eligibility Conditions for admission to M.Ed Course.

      Candidates with at least 50% marks in the bachelor of education (B.Ed) or any other qualification recognised as equivalent thereto are eligible for admission to the programme.

      Fee Structure——


      The library is the heart of every educational institute which breathes knowledge and information into the minds of the users. The library information services play a crucial role in teaching and learning activities. Pragya College of Education Library is fully automated with using barcode technology to circulation of books with the help of e-Granthalaya Library Management Software ver 3.1. The library aim is to provide access to materials and information resources. The library is well stocked, covering a varied range of topics or all related fields. It is one of the best education institutes in the region which have a computerized Library with a complete database of over 9000 books for B.Ed/M.Ed Programme. Books are properly Classified, Catalogued & arranged systematically for the users. Research and reference sections are well stocked, 10 Current and Back Volumes of journals. Further we have Online Services provided to our users through our INTERLIBRARY LAN SYSTEM. The ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOG (OPAC) is used to carry out online searches of library database by Author, Title, Keywords and Accession Numbers which enables users to provide good reference service to staff and students.

      There are several reasons for automating the library. The different factors contributing to the development of automated library system are

      • Information Explosion
      • Information in Machine-Readable form
      • Availability of information in various formats (Print, Non print, Audio-Visuals)
      • Economic Feasibility (Budget Saving)
      • Routine Jobs
      • Increase in users
      • Increasing user’s expectations and demands
      • Speed in work
      • Accuracy and Reliability in work
      • Automatic Statistics Generation
      • Resource Sharing
      • Storage capacity

      Library collection

      Books                                                 9793

      Journals                                             10

      Magazines                                04

      Newspapers                                      04

      CD’s                                          37

      Library Services: Pragya College of Education Library is providing the following services to its Users:

      • Circulation
      • Reference Service
      • Current Awareness Service (CAS)
      • Reprographic Service
      • Audio-Visual service
      • OPAC
      • E-mail and Internet
      • CD-Rom Database
      • Inter Library Loan
      • CCTV- surveillance is to deter crime and to aid in protecting the safety of individuals and the property of the library

      The library has an open-shelf system where members of the staff and students can consult books freely and make their own selection. A M.Ed. student is issued four books at a time whereas a B.Ed. student is issued three books at a time for a period of 14 days

      Library Staff: Pragya College of Education Library has a good team of qualified Professional, Semi-Professional and Non-professional Staff.

      Information Communication & Educational Technology Lab

      At Pragya College of Education we must give more attention to the interplay between the science of teaching – pedagogy and the art of teaching. A teacher must be anchored in pedagogy and blend imagination, creativity and inspiration into the teaching learning process to ignite a passion for learning in students. We aim at grooming our learners as lifelong learners for a knowledge society. The constant and ceaseless endeavours of the staff, students and management of the institute build cohesive energy to accomplish the goals and objectives defined In order to meet the technological and globalized demands of the society we have left no stone unturned in the training process of our teachers. Pragya College of Education is recognized for its innovative practices and path breaking changes in the training process of the learners. We aim to be one of the leading colleges of education in India recognized for its state-of-the art and innovative teaching practices

       Engage Students through Technology

      In educational settings, technology is not simply an independent curriculum i.e. teaching about how to use technology. Rather, it is a powerful means for addressing, and potentially redefining, everyday teaching and learning issues. This is creating a strong demand for teachers who can successfully integrate the latest technology into course curriculum. Teaching and training professionals who have skills in the design, development, and implementation of technology-based learning experiences can enjoy a rewarding career in this high-demand field Educational technology program in our Pragya College of Education, is designed to improve your use of the Internet and technology in your classroom or learning centre.  Pragya College of Education is  well-equipped with a computer lab.The students can  avail the Internet facility in these labs and enhance their knowledge.


      In the present era, the educational climate is increasingly diverse. Well equipped and state of the art labs with updated technology is one of the strongest assets of the college. Our Pragya college of Education has separate fully equipped resource centres for ICT, science & mathematics, psychology, art and craft and languages. These resource centres provide to the students & staff to develop their manipulative skills as we believe in the principle of learning by doing.

      The language labs play a key role in learning foreign languages in a happy atmosphere. A language lab recognizes the individual differences in language aptitude of the learner. It is a self learning device. Our College lab is well equipped with:-

      • Different charts
      • Hearing booth
      • Models
      • Overhead projector
      • Slide projector
      • Headphones
      • Media player
      • LAN network

      Psychology Lab

      Psychology is the study of human behavior. It can be better defined as a broad field that encompasses the study of human thought, behavior, development, personality, emotion, motivation, etc. Gaining a richer and deeper understanding of psychology can help people achieve insights into their own actions as well as a better understanding of other people. Knowing that psychology can help you understand a person better, it becomes really important for pupil teachers to have the subject knowledge of psychology so that they can understand their students’ behaviour in future,better.

       Studying Psychology enriches a person by understanding human behavior much better, with all its social interaction, communication, motivation, emotions, and decision making. These processes are often essential in order to have a more complete vision of the other sciences.Psychology becomes a subject of great importance when thinking with the perspective of a teacher. Knowledge of this subject can help teachers in every fold of their teaching career as well as personal lives.

      Educational psychology helps the teacher to study the ability, interests, intelligence, needs and adopt different techniques of teaching for effective communication. At Pragya College of Education, the utility of educational psychology for the teachers has been emphasized in both theory and practices of teaching and learning.

      We provide our students with a well equipped psychology lab. The lab consists of every facility related to psychological research that is required for our students’ knowledge and development in the field of this subject.It is equipped with the latest and best facilities of behavioral research.

      The major role of psychology lab is to enrich and improve the understanding of B.ed students about: Classroom processes of learning, teaching, assessment and evaluation.

      We have verbal, non-verbal and performance tests including the apparatuses that are covered in the curriculum of B.Ed and M.Ed courses. The college provides an opportunity to students to know about each type of test through practical class, and develop their skills in administration, interpretation, and scoring of tests.


      • Study the individual difference in finger dexterity.
      • Measure the intelligence of the subject
      • Measure the aptitude if the subject
      • To find out the personality traits of the student.
      • To find out the personality.
      • Effect of restrictions of movement on motor learning.
      • To demonstrate transfer of learning.

      All the psychological tests are conducted under the supervision of our experienced faculty members.

      Pragya College of Education has the following tests and apparatus in its Psychology Lab


      1. Mirror drawing apparatus
      2. Human maze learning
      3. Finger maze learning
      4. Memory drum

      Psychology Tests:

      1. Intelligence tests
      2. Personality tests
      3. Achievement tests
      4. Teacher Aptitude tests
      5. Social Attitude Scale
      6. Attitude Scale tests
      7. Interest inventories tests
      8. Vocational interest inventory
      9. Bhatia’s performance test battery

      General purpose of the psychology lab is to create an environment in which human behavior can be studied and the aim of doing so is to develop a better understanding of why people do things. The purpose of such observation is to study how people behave in a social setting.

      Through professional counselling techniques, faculty  members try to resolve the behavioral problems our students face in their day to day lives.


      We are living in a scientific era. Science has changed our life altogether. It has entered every sphere of our life. Students, researchers and scientists depend on science laboratories. A laboratory is a facility that provides conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments and measurement may be performed.

      In our PRAGYA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION , laboratories are generally established for Science subjects.

      Laboratory is a place which serves two fold purposes.

      1 It provides a stage and appropriate place for placing all the necessary material and equipment related to the learning activities in a subject.

      2 It provides appropriate facilities and opportunities for the essential practical work and lively learning experiences.

      In this way laboratory aims at providing a good platform for the integration of theory with practice in a subject.

      Science Lab will be helpful in creating interest in the students in the learning of science. It will be of great help in making use of all the progressive methods such as inductive, analytic, laboratory, heuristic and project methods. It will also be of great help in inculcating scientific, problem solving and heuristic attitude among the students. The theoretical concepts may be easily clarified with the help of practical demonstration. In this way laboratory would definitely save the time and energy of the teachers as well as students. It will assist in training the students for the practical application of Science facts and Principles in their life. It will be of great help in satisfying the creative and constructive urges of the students.

      In PRAGYA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Science Lab consist of some equipment related with Physics, some equipment related with Chemistry and some equipment related with Biology. Our Science Laboratory should consist of different kinds of charts and pictures related to the various topics and sub topics of Science.

      A few pictures and photographs of the great Scientists may also be hung on the wall of the laboratory to make its environment as Science.

      Some Materials and Equipment are used in our Science Lab like Microscope, Thermometer, Pendulum, Screw Gauge, Magnetic Needle, Concave lens, Convex Lens, Bar Magnet, Test Tube Rack, Test Tube, Burner, Beaker, Flask, Evaporating Dish, Dropper, Petri Dish, Pipette, Tongs, Spatula, Buret, Corks etc.

      A resourceful teacher should always keep those things into account and accordingly endeavour to enrich his laboratory. For a teacher of Science the world outside the walls of the classroom is an open laboratory where he can witness plenty of opportunities for the students to experiment and taste the fruits of learning in Science. 


      Mathematics is the king of all Sciences. Without Maths life cannot be imagined. We find Numbers, Shapes, Measurement, Time and Money to play a vital role in our day to day life. Maths is all around us. Students’ view about Mathematics is dull, boring and stereotypical. In order to overcome the phobia and make Maths interesting the fact finding Maths Lab was established.

      Maths Lab a kit of activities which enhance your child’s Mathematical ability. Maths Lab is mainly focused on children who find Math disinterested, boring and dull. Maths Lab makes these children more creative, removes Math phobia and excels in their daily math activities. Here with Math Lab the learning perception is different which is practical, Experimental and activity based. This makes your child remember the Maths concepts for long term in his permanent brain memory.

      In PRAGYA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Maths Lab consist of some equipment like : Set of Cubes, Mensuration Kit, Fraction Shapes, Algebra Identity Set, Geometric Shapes, Triangle Kit, Geoboard etc. A Mathematics Laboratory should have all the essential equipment for weighing and measuring purposes like various types of Balance, Weight, Measuring Tapes and graduated Cylinders. For the drawing and sketching of different types of figures and diagrams, there should be drawing instruments in the Mathematics Laboratory.  We find a collection of different kinds of materials and learning aids needed to help the students understand the concepts through relevant, meaningful and concrete activities. These activities may be carried out by the teacher or the students to explore the world of Mathematics, to learn, to discover and to develop an interest in the subject.

      Maths Lab helps not only the student but also the teachers by giving them an opportunity to illustrate the concepts clearly and easily making them more productive.

      Maths Lab helps teachers to demonstrate abstract Mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, Models, Charts, Graph , Pictures, Posters etc. The final aim of designing Maths Lab is to create interest for Numbers and fear ridden minds of children and make complicated things simple and easy. 


      The rich benefits provided by Social Science Lab of Pragya College of Education help in fulfilling the motto of learning by doing. Social Science Lab acts as an activity room for pupil-teachers as it combines academic experience with worldly knowledge, making learning effective, lively and fun. This lab provides children various options to learn better and to increase their cognitive and cooperative learning. They learn to investigate how social science is embedded in our everyday lives. Young pathfinders enrich their understanding and learn to analyse the way of use of evidence and the data.

      The Social Science lab is well furnished with a seating capacity of 40-50 students focusing on special skills.

      It also includes:

      • Globes
      • Topographical
      • Projector
      • Working and non working 3D Models
      • Historical Political Map of various expires and civilizations
      • Geographical and Political Chart 2D and 3D Models

      Models made by students during exhibitions.

      It helps in improving the student’s knowledge and provides a platform for students to share their presentation. Some of the concepts where imagination is difficult are taught with the help of models like solar system, land forms, revaluation of   the earth etc.

      Art & Craft Lab

      Art & Craft lab is a place for experiments with creativity. The aim of this lab is to encourage the student to bring forth their innovative power.

      Pragya College of Education has an art & craft lab where various activities like waste material utilization, painting, toy making activities, wall hanging, pot decoration, chart & models making activities are promoted. All these are done by the help of our experienced teachers. Students can also build a personality of positive thinking with proper attitude. This lab is the place of innovations.

      In addition to developing the value of national integration, a strong component of culture has been provided for Pragya College Students by organizing different kinds of performing arts, crafts, visual arts, music and theatre workshops each year.

      Training is given to students of performing arts, crafts, music and visual art forms by artists and experts invited every year by Pragya College of Education. Thus, both students and experts share cultural affinities as well as knowledge of local practice and customs. Often this has resulted not only in the acquiring of knowledge about the culture, heritage of their area but has also helped preserve that heritage through the activities of students. 


      Yoga is an ancient art that connects the mind and body. It is a technique which improves a person’s concentration power and relaxes their mind and body at the same time. It is an exercise that we perform by balancing the elements of our body. It helps us meditate and relax. Yoga helps us keep control of our body as well as mind. It is a great channel for releasing our stress and anxiety. Yoga gained popularity gradually and is practiced in all regions of the world. It unites people in harmony and peace. With so many advantages attached to yoga, it becomes important for the present generation to practice this for a healthier lifestyle and so Pragya college of Education takes the responsibility of passing on the knowledge of this art to its students. The campus of the college is well infrastructured for such activities. The college also often organises workshops to make its students aware of  the advantages of practicing yoga on a daily basis.

      In the present pandemic situation of COVID-19 with which the whole world is fighting, yoga can be proved to be a blessing for humankind since it leads to emotional and mental stability along with the physical fitness of all. Pragya College has provided online classes to their students to set forth the complete knowledge of this art. College has also done the counselling of students in this stressful situation of COVID-19 and suggested and taught yogic exercises like asanas, pranayam, meditation etc. to their students via video calling. As per the government orders when immediate lockdown declared in the whole country, our college has been successfully able to complete the syllabus theoretically and practically of all the subjects along with yoga and health education via online portals of the college.

      Pragya College of Education aims at the objective of yoga education for the following reasons-

      • It enables students to have good health.
      • To practice mental hygiene.
      • To possess emotional stability.
      • To attain a higher level of consciousness.
      • To attain higher immunity via asanas, breathing exercises and meditation.

      In yoga all these objectives are achieved in an integrated manner. Clearing concepts in teaching of yoga is our main focus.

       Health education is very essential for enhancing the condition of the overall health of people. It helps in improving the health of the whole nation. The economy of a country is directly proportional to health education.

      Under health services, the quality health care is provided and the individual needs of the students are recognized for supporting their academic success. Health care professionals provide services and wellness education to enable students to become well integrated in mind, body and spirit.

      Following are some of health services provided by us:

      • Counselling of students dealing with emotional and career issues.
      • First-aid and dispensary facility to the students.
      • Special lectures and seminars are arranged for health and yoga education.
      • Timely awareness rallies are organised in nearby village Dulhera for health and yoga education and provide basic health services to the villagers along with the students.


      In the growth of a student’s personality academics plays a significant role, but the sports-related activities are as important as others in shaping the character of a student. Through sports, students get a chance to adopt variety of skills such as leadership, confidence, agility, and patience. For the all-round development and to enhance team spirit, students here at Pragya College of Education enthusiastically participate in both indoor and outdoor sports. Be it Chess, Badminton, Or cricket, our students have stood up on our expectations by their proactive performances and have come up with the best results. Pragya College of Education offers a variety of Sports ranging from indoors like table tennis, chess and carrom to outdoors like short-put, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, cricket and many more. Sports is really an important factor for the well being of the physical and mental health of a student. Every year our students willingly participate in various inter-college competitions and make us proud by their performance. The main focus of our faculty is to inculcate the right technique of each and every sport a student is interested in. With our experienced teachers the students find it really interesting to engage in different sports. Over the years our teachers have given us the best out of our students, and has proved the true potential of each and every individual.

      Annually, Pragya College of Education organizes an Sports Meet where every student gets to showcase their talents by participating in different sports and enjoying the meet to the fullest, this lets us know how hardworking, dedicated and competitive our students are. This year also in February a sports meet was organized where many students participated and came up with good results.

      Sports and games improve our capability, as study or work alone makes them exhausted, they remain no longer efficient to do any work. Sports remove their mental exhaustion. Sports are an integral part of education. Without games and sports education is always incomplete.

      Sports and good education are both essential for achieving success in a student’s life together.

      To focus fully on a goal, mental and intellectual health is also very important. Playing sports brings a high level of confidence and teaches us discipline, which lives with a student throughout his/her life.


      Cultural activities not only bring an opportunity to learn about different cultures and various festivals of our country, but also helps our student community to come closer to each other. As cultural activities are of paramount importance in contributing to the overall academic achievement and social well-being of our students, the institution encourages its students to participate in these activities that are both in line with the educational objectives of the institution and also meet the needs of the students. Different activities are organised at the institutional level.

      A rich variety of cultural programmes are organised during the fresher’s party to give a warm welcome to the students. Different activities are conducted where the students get a chance of interacting with each other for smoothing their academic journey.

      Major festivals of our country are celebrated like Holi, Diwali, Lohri, Christmas and New Year, etc. in order to celebrate the glorious heritage, culture and traditions of our nation. All the activities during these festivals helps us in getting attached to each other and creating a one big family at Pragya College of Education. We believe that, when all of us are together as a family, friends, and society it creates a sense of unity which is the most powerful weapon to fight against any obstacle in our lives.

      We also celebrate Independence day and Republic Day where the students, Staff and Faculty members are filled with a feeling of patriotism and dedication towards our nation. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity with the help of different activities conducted on these days. The purpose here is to create a feeling of love and brotherhood among all.

      Teachers day celebrations are organised to educate and spread the awareness about the importance of teachers in everyone’s life. This also helps in inculcating good human values in our students, which is required for the overall development of the students.

      At the end, a farewell is organised for the students to bid goodbye to the students with a wish for them to perform extremely well in their future endeavours and bring laurels to their alma mater. This also provides an opportunity for the students to memorise their great time spent during their academic journey and provides a sense of belongingness for each other.

      Educational Trips

      Pragya College of Education organizes Educational trips for its students every year. These trips not only help students to take a break from their on going busy lives and studies but also helps them learn about our history, heritage and so much more in a fun filled manner.

      Through these educational excursions, our students  get to visit the different and beautiful places and learn about their historical,cultural and scientific significance.


      Community service

      Engaging  in  community  service  provides  students  with  the  opportunity  to become  active  members  of  their  community  and  has  a  lasting , positive  impact  on  society; as  large  community  service  enables  students  to  acquire  life  skills  and  knowledge  as well  as  provides  a  service  to  those  who  need  it  most, for  this  purpose  our  college ,  PRAGYA  COLLEGE  OF  EDUCATION  adopted   village  Dulhera. Our  college  students  organized  “Swachh  Bharat  Abhiyan”  with the slogan ‘One Step Towards Cleanliness’

      Our college students also made people aware about the mission ‘Beti  Bachao  Beti  padhao’  . The  main  objective  of  the  program  was to create  awareness amongst the people  about  the  importance  of  girl  child, the  rally  passed  through  the  village  with  messages  ‘Save  Girl  Child , Educate  Girl  Child’.

      Pragya College of Education timely arranges meetings with Sarpanch of village Dulhera and discuss the issues faced by the villagers and try to contribute at our level best.


      Online Classes

      As the traditional classroom mode of education took a seat a back, online classes had to step  forward for the welfare of students. Pragya College of Education didn’t take a moment to realise its urgency and started with their online classes in a very short span of time. The college started imparting knowledge via virtual mode to its students in the times of uncertainties.

      The long lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic has closed schools, colleges and other educational institutions. As a result, education system came to a standstill as students couldn’t no more attend the college but we the faculty at Pragya College Of Education understand the need of continuous learning and so we came up with a solution real quick so that our students don’t loose on their valuable time and continue studying from the safety and comfort of their homes. We started online classes for all our students in this time of uncertainty and made sure our students are well taught the concepts that are included in their respective curriculum. Education has changed with the rise of e-learning where teaching is undertaken on digital platforms.  This new way of learning and teaching enables teachers and students to enter a new world of virtual classes. These classes were a major help to both the teachers as well as the students as they could interact, study and learn while ensuring their safety at the same time.

      In conclusion we the teachers of Pragya College of Education believe that online classes have allowed students to be much more responsible and can take ownership of their learning. Also these online classes have made students more comfortable with online sessions, if any crises address in future.

      National Seminars and Workshops

      In today’s time everything is advancing in no time. Lots of research and studies are carried out on various subjects around the world. These updates on various fields can not be updated in the students’ curriculum from time and time again.

       Students have to be vigilant enough to know what new things are arriving every passing day. This is where the seminars are of great importance. Seminars are capable of keeping the students updated  with the  forthcoming updates in fields like science and technology. Pragya College of Education conducts such informative seminars from time to time for the students as well as for the professors. The college also motivates its students to participate and attend as many seminars as possible as they help a pupil teacher grow in every aspect. Textbooks are not the only source of knowledge. Students must take part in various seminars on the latest topics to expand their arenas of knowledge to the fullest.

      Pragya College of Education invites eminent personalities who have achieved some feat in science and technology to take these seminars to help students expand their knowledge in various fields. These seminars help them interact with present and ongoing advancements in the technical fields.

      Students are asked to research a little about the seminar’s topic before attending it as this would give them a chance to know more about the seminar’s topic. The result is that they would learn the subject well.

      These seminars also help students grow and become more confident as a person, as they interact with so many other intellectual people who attend these seminars.

      The seminars that are organised by the college are of great help to the students in various aspects.These seminars increase student’s knowledge,  helps them increase their network of people which will help them in future, gives them the exposure to the outer world and surely transforms them into a confident individual who can put forward his/her views in front of other people.


      Purpose of Seminars and Workshops-

      • To provide opportunity to faculty and students to expand their network of contacts with the best minds in their discipline.
      • To generate better opportunities to experience and demonstrate students’ abilities.
      • Chance to present and publish their own research papers.
      • To benefit the students and faculty by providing them a chance to actively participate in experts’ presentations.
      • To provide an opportunity to the students to get experience in the field of conducting a national event by working in a team.

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